Master Xuan Yu glanced at Lu Yun and said softly: "This question is left for you to ponder for now, and I will tell you in the future. Different people have different opinions. That is normal. How to choose the method you choose? That is very important. Life will change anytime and anywhere, so people are always changing. How to keep the pure heart unshakable at that moment depends on the individual's cultivation. Okay, let's continue on the road. From From here to the Heavenly Sword Academy, it only takes half a day for the Royal Sword to fly, so we don’t need to be too busy. As long as we can get there before dark, that’s fine. This time, I will take you there in advance so that you can fight the Heavenly Sword. The hospital has an in-depth understanding. It has been ranked first in the world of cultivation for five hundred years, and that has a certain truth in it. This time, in addition to the competition, you have to learn more. Something, learn more from others' excellent methods, you know? Let's go." After speaking, move on.